May 19, 2008


I don't know this cat's name, but he seems to live in the neighborhood. He's incredibly friendly and has no fear. You may remember him from last fall when I babysat my next door neighbors dogs and was sleeping in the pot of one of my plants on my front porch as they walked by without noticing him (link below). Today I was sitting on my couch, and he strolled right in the front door. Now keep in mind that I live on the top floor, so he had decided to climb the stairs and see what was up where I was. I didn't say anything. He wandered over to me, sniffed, and brushed up against me for some rubbin, and then went off and wandered through the place. I found him in my closet in a pile of boots. (Puss in boots?) When he saw me, he jumped out and continued his wander, then eventually made his way back out the front door. Maybe he's just making his rounds making sure I'm okay... I may not be the biggest cat fan in the world (watch it), but I like his visits.
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    Anonymous said...

    He has good taste in BOOTS...WOOF!!!or Meow?