May 22, 2008

pigs fly!

So my friend Myron told me the other day that they had a new minor league baseball team in Dallas (actually in Grand Prairie - a Dallas suburb) in case I wanted to catch a game while I was in town. Their name is the Airhogs. Airhogs!! How could I say no to that?! So Myron and our friend Michelle and I ventured out to Quiktrip Park (yeah, Texas has a thing for truly awful sports venue names) to catch the last game of their first ever home stand. And to top it off, it was Thirsty Thursday! $1 beers. Does it get any better? It turns out that Airhogs is a World War II term for pilots so dedicated that they "live to fly," and is meant as a connection to Grand Prairie being the home of many aviation companies over the years. The ballpark really plays that up in some fun and clever ways - from the facade resembling a hangar and control towers, to tarmac markings and lights on the cement walkways. Like most minor league parks, its small and intimate, and nothin fancy. There are no bad seats, which, like the concessions, are cheap. Still best of all is one of the things I miss most about Texas - the warm breezy nights that are just tailor made for a baseball game. I just wish there was time to also catch a match of the new Assassination City Roller Derby league. (I'm not making that up!) That'll have to wait for next time.

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