May 1, 2008

o's oz

I finally made it to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Given that my first major league game was at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium; and if there is any team that would be my 'home' team from growing up in Virginia, it would be the Orioles, it surprises me that I haven't been sooner - though I guess its rare for me to be back here during baseball season months. On Wednesday, my sister and nephew and I took in a game there. Its a beautiful park, and no wonder once every club owner saw it, they wanted one for their team. Nice trend to have started. The only thing that struck me was that there was hardly anyone there. A vendor said that was normal, unless the Red Sox or Yankees were in town, cause their fans would come down for those teams. Still, it surprised me, especially since the O's were in first place in their division. But all that means for visitors like me is that tickets are easy to find! The huge video screens in their scoreboard and outfield wall may be new, but they are really impressive as well. Overall a really nice park worthy of its acclaim, and a fun night at the ballgame.

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