May 14, 2008

its just crap

I've mentioned before my joy for watching crap tv. I think one reason for this is that I tend to almost always have the tv on while I work - and crap tv is good stuff for work watching because you don't have to invest in it - it doesn't require your full attention. But sometimes, its just fun. One of my favorite crap tv guilty pleasures is MTV's "The Hills". I admit it, I love it. To its credit, for a reality show, its really well shot and edited. During the Hills finale the other night, MTV promoted an upcoming series that is a spinoff of their series "My Super Sweet 16." My Super Sweet 16 is not one of my favorite crap tv shows, but it is one I will leave on in the background. Each episode chronicles a different spoiled brat as they plan a ridiculously extravagant 16th birthday party. How exciting. Zzzz. The spinoff, called "Exiled" goes back to some of the "best" subjects of My Super Sweet 16 and follows them as their parents ship them to a remote foreign country to live for a week with another kid of the same age and learn what their life is like. And they're not being shipped off to live with other rich kids. The six minute promo "sneak peek" is hilarious. If the show lives up to it, I will have found a new guilty pleasure. Unfortunately I have to wait til the end of August to find out. That's a long wait for crap.
  • MTV Exiled sneak peek

    Anonymous said...

    "The Hills" is reality/scripted crap...Not my crap to watch but as long as you keep up w/that kick ass work you have on your reel who am I to knock that?

    Anonymous said...

    Mom told me to tell you about more crap TV. (although in my opinion it's awesome TV) Both of these shows come on G4. The first is Ninja Warrior, and the second is Unbeatable Banzuke. Both shows are those that have people going through obstacle courses that can get outrageous. I introduced Mom and Kiersten to them, and at first they thought they were dumb, but by the end of the night we were all cheering for the contestants. You should check it out.

    Unknown said...

    thanks Evan, will do! (shouldn't you be studying?!) :)