April 28, 2008

taste of bawlmer

Its colder and rainier in Baltimore (correctly pronounced 'Bawlmer') than I expected, even though I did check the weather forecast. Did I mention I'm bad with numbers? I'm staying with my sister Mel, who lives here. Though there isn't much food I dislike, easily one of my favorites is shellfish, especially crabs. One of the biggest disappointments for me in living in California was discovering that you can rarely if ever find shellfish prepared the way I grew up with it in the Southeast: simply steamed and spiced with Old Bay seasoning. Mel and I and my nephew Sumner went out to get crabs tonight; though Sumner just looked on bemusedly - he was having nothing of picking through the guts of crabs to get to the meat. Considering how long of a meal it can make for, he was a good sport. Food on a table covered in brown paper is always a sign of a good time to me.


Kevin said...

You have never tasted boiled seafood till You have eaten crabs, shrimp, crawfish boiled in New Orleans. You'll have to try it someday.

Unknown said...

I've had that too! Yum! especially crawfish!