April 13, 2008


Tonight I finally made it to Rae's, a diner I have read about for a long time as one of the last pieces of Googie architecture still in business in LA as originally built. Rae's is no clean sanitized recreated diner experience, its the true old greasy spoon. I loved it. The food was pretty good - nothing worth the trip without the experience of the environment, but nothing to complain about either. In fairness, they are mostly known for their breakfasts, and my friend George and I both had the dinner special. The true star is the building. The handpainted typography couldn't have been more perfect if it had been created for a movie set, not to mention the main neon sign that hangs over the door. The colors and surfaces inside were perfect as well. Of course I really shouldn't be surprised since, after all, they are the real thing.

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