April 29, 2008

little cabin in the woods

Two or three years ago, my sister bought a little cabin in the woods by a creek about an hour outside of Baltimore (it may actually be in Pennsylvania?). It has become a labor of love for her as she has worked on fixing it up, doing almost all of the work by herself. I'm pretty amazed at what a handyman she has become (way beyond what I could ever imagine being capable of), from filling mortar to laying tile to building stairs! Today i finally got to see it for the first time, and we spent some time out there walking around and having lunch. After becoming used to the prices of real estate in LA, its a little humbling to find out what you can buy in the middle of nowhere (meaning that as a good term!)

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Unknown said...

For the record, cause everyone seems to be commenting on the stairs - that pic is of some older not-so-good stairs that are connected to the nicer ones that my sister is building... those are not an example of her stairs!! Unfortunately I only shot the older ones, not the newer ones... doh.