April 2, 2008

extreme home makeover

Last night I was lucky enough to get to go to a Dodgers game with my buddy Heith - his sister and a friend were visiting and he had an extra ticket. What I had completely forgotten about until we got inside was that they have renovated the interior of the Stadium. I was really taken aback at how nice it is now. They have virtually doubled the width of the hallway (you can see in one pic above the color change in the cement floor - the dark floor is the old width) and the vendor stands are a lot larger and uniform in appearance - all using pretty nice typography and design elements even. Bathrooms are much larger, and they've added two new private clubs on the ends for Baseline section ticket holders. One of the dilemmas about being a Dodgers fan is the love fans have for Dodger Stadium and its funky, slightly jetsons-esque feel - which in a city as "new" as Los Angeles feels historic - despite it being of the 60's Stadium era of which most similar parks have been torn down for new downtown retro ballparks; countered by the envy for those new ballparks that often offer a better fan experience because of all the new amenities they were designed around. The interior facelift made me feel like I was in a new stadium, yet one step into the seating area and I was back to the familiar palm trees and angled roofline and geometric scoreboards I have come to love like home.

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