April 7, 2008

climate change

A few more pics from the Fort Lauderdale Rodeo. Florida may not be able to put on an election, but they do a helluva job with their rodeo - one of the best on the circuit. We had some typical Florida storms over the weekend, but they somehow managed to only come through at night, which obviously worked out great for the rodeo. Yesterday was hot and sunny, but by the end of the rodeo skies had turned grey as the winds began to whip around. And by night, the skies opened up and just poured (that's rain in that last pic). Something about the rain in Florida brings out the tropical/sandy smell that reminds me of my visits as a kid to my Grandparents in Miami. It was a much needed break for a fun weekend; and good to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, but the other coast is calling me back now.

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