March 15, 2008

show me the way

This is no joke. Pontiac is bringing back the El Camino in 2010. Well sort of. They aren't calling it the El Camino. Yet. For now, its called the Pontiac G8 ST, but they're having a campaign to submit your own name for the car (translation: a marketing ploy to put a positive spin on the El Camino name by having lots of people vote for it, thus erasing the negative side of its bygone-era Pacer-Gremlin-Pinto-reminding name and turning it into a "beloved" one, justifying the use of the name. Smart move.) Of course, the El Camino of the past was a Chevy. I guess that kinda detail is trivial when you're bringing back the first car-truck in years. (Though, couldn't the Ford Explorer Sport qualify as a car-truck? Maybe it was more of a truck-car.) Besides, El Camino translates as "the way." Talk about an inspiring name for an Well anyway, I won't get into the car side of it, since one, I don't know jack about cars under the hood. And two, its just the same as any Pontiac G8. I will say that they could have given the interior some attention - talk about uninspiring. But still, I actually have no desire to rain on the parade of the car-truck's return - honestly. What could make the roads more enjoyable than the return of the mullet of vehicles? (business up front, party in back!) Jalopnik has more pics and details here:
  • Jalopnik: The El Camino is Back!
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    Anonymous said...

    Looks like a BMW with a bed. I like the original El Camino more. Better yet a Chevy Silverado stepside, shortbed would be cool too. Dark blue or dark red.