March 19, 2008


Taking a break from the house tour for a day so it doesn't get too boring for some of you... The Apple logo was included in an earlier post on logo evolutions, but I ran across a link today on Design Observer that led me to a detailed page on Apple's early design by Gene Gable. Aside from the first logo, this is the first I've seen of materials from the first year of Apple (the Apple I era) including a users guide, advertisement, and warranty page; whose display type looks like it may be set in dry-transfer type. Ronald Wayne, one of the three original partners (along with Steve Jobs and Wozniak), designed the materials. Wayne left the company after two weeks, selling his share of the stock for $800. (Think there's a story there?!) In 1977, as they were preparing to debut the Apple II, they went to ad agency Regis McKenna, who designed the apple logo. The logo's rainbow stripes were meant to highlight the fact that Apple was one of the first computers to support color graphics. The logo remains today, though without the stripes, a testament to the longevity of good simple design.
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