March 21, 2008

boomin again

Back to the architecture house tour from the CA Boom V show... The rest of the tour included Delta H Design's Creative Living Space in Culver City - a live/work space that gave you the feeling of a loft without sacrificing the amenties of a home. It was one of my favorites. From there we moved on to the Alan Family house, a turquoise and white jetsons-esque rear addition that is completely hidden from the street. the Anderson Residence in Santa Monica was the best house on the day's tour. Unfortunately, they asked that no interior photos be taken for the sake of privacy, so I cant show you the inside. It was impressive how the architect created this flow of light and shapes that traveled throughout the house. This house also featured accents of "bonderized" steel throughout - that was a new one to me. We actually ended up getting a bonus tour of one other home that wasn't on the tour. Pics from that one coming soon...

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