March 14, 2008

beat it

I love this one. Not cause I can do anything with it, but it just makes me laugh. As far as I can tell, this is a site to make your own custom ringtone for your cell phone. I'm assuming this is all in Swedish, since from what I can gather, Tele2 is a European mobile phone company (with a great logo), and .se is Sweden's internet suffix. You can just play with the buttons and giggle like I do, but if you really want to make an effort - it seems that if you hit the space button, it records your sequence and then lets you send it to someone. Or, for an even better version, just click on the "Ladda Ner Var Ringsignal" text in the upper right and hear their version. (Be warned, you're going to drive anyone near you crazy.) But I still think the most fun is just in clicking the buttons and giggling. Beat that.
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