February 7, 2008


Okay, time for another press release. This actually covers the promo campaign I posted about on January 14 ("Reasons to Watch") and a new one for the same client:

jonberrydesign Spotlights Monthly Films in New Promos for MGM-HD

Los Angeles broadcast design studio jonberrydesign designed and produced a series of promos for the MGM-HD network, highlighting films from its January and February lineups. MGM-HD is a new television network that features 24/7 MGM films presented in full 1080i High Definition.

The February campaign, “Panels,” features stills from MGM-HD’s lineup of movies. In this spot, the movies are grouped into the networks various programming ‘stunts’ such as ‘Award Worthy Weekends’ and ‘Two-Fisted Tuesdays.’ Designer/Creative Director Jon Berry deconstructed the photos into panels and reconstructed them in varying depths of 3D space. Subtle changes in depth and motion highlight the focus points of the images in a dramatic but elegant manner. Between each grouping, the panels do an unexpected flip that transitions to the next grouping of photos. “It was literally a play on the ‘stunt’ aspect of the programming,” said Berry. “Because there was no script to deliver a twist or surprise that carried you through the spot, I decided to make that happen through an unexpected twist in the motion.”

The February campaign follows a successful January campaign created by jonberrydesign. The January campaign, “Reasons to Watch,” features still images from MGM feature films with minimal typography and graphic elements. “MGM-HD Executive Creative Director Doug Chalfant had an idea to use stills in an almost Herb Ritts/old Interview magazine-inspired way for a script-based spot with no voiceover,” said Berry. “Drawing on the Herb Ritts inspiration, our first round used only black and white imagery – but because the content is film, we ran into an incorrect perception that the films featured were black and white movies.” In the end, the black and white was retained as a base to keep the dramatic feel that it gave to the imagery, but panels were added that revealed not only the shots in full color, but also the typography.

The script is a subtle wordplay, and type is small and minimal except for the twist or punch-line of each segment. Special attention was also given to the literal placement of the type to accentuate the meanings of the words. Type, color palette, and backgrounds are all elements of MGM-HD’s existing network look.

“We presented jonberrydesign two projects with a myriad of challenges – use MGM movie photo stills creatively with limited time and budget. In both projects Jon produced works of incredible creativity and production value,” said Chalfant.

All design and animation of the promos was completed by jonberrydesign using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects entirely on Apple Macintosh platforms.

The promos air continuously on MGM-HD throughout the months of January and February.

About jonberrydesign:

jonberrydesign is the Los Angeles based studio of Jon Berry, an award-winning broadcast designer/animator and creative director of television branding, motion graphics, promotion campaigns, main title design and show packaging. For more information, contact Jon Berry at 213.926.1678, or visit jonberrydesign.com.

client: MGM-HD
Executive Creative Director: Doug Chalfant
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Media: Simon Graty

Images and video file resources available for media:
ftp.jonberrydesign.com (for best results, use an ftp client)
username: media@jonberrydesign.com
password: media

  • Quicktime movie: MGM-HD 'Panels'
  • Quicktime movie: MGM-HD 'Reasons to Watch'
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