February 5, 2008

IIc or not IIc

Flickr users Dan Budiac and Kathryn Yu posted a set of photos the other day of a special purchase they made on eBay: an unopened still sealed in the box from original shipment Apple IIc computer. After wrestling with whether to open it or not (emotional value vs collectors value), they opened it, and documented the process and contents in photos. (Oh, the days of Apple using Garamond condensed. It makes me wistful.) I'm definitely dating myself here, but when I went to college, the Communication Design program offered a class in programming graphic slideshows on an Apple IIc. I don't think any of us cared about learning how to program a computer (it was all done using mumbo jumbo computer code), but taking it fulfilled the math credits required for our degree. Essentially, to us it was "math for artists." I've always been amused that the college offered such a class and I've never been able to decide if I learned anything in it that turned out to be useful in the long run, but it certainly beat having to take some sort of Calculus class (or whatever would be the traditional math class equivalent at a college level). I don't think I ever used an Apple IIc anytime after that class. I do, however, still have the Macintosh Classic that was my college graduation present in my garage. Maybe I should go unbox it.
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