February 19, 2008


Don't worry, this isn't a political post... but I have to vent about these awful backdrops that have become commonplace in politics. I could be wrong, but I believe these started showing up after Bush took office. That was easy enough to dismiss, but its time to make sure the trend stops there! Multiples of the same thing repeated fifty times behind your head and in just as sharp focus as your face don't help communicate the message, they just look cheap. Theres nothing presidential or authoritative about standing in front of cheesy wallpaper. Is that really the image they want to project? And it isn't just in politics - you'll find them at awards shows and red carpets too. Again, it just looks cheap, but I guess in that case it applies. I'll write a post sometime in the future to go into this more and show examples and good alternatives, but right now I had to get it off my chest. I'll repeat: stop stop stop!

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