February 25, 2008


You've undoubtedly heard about Improv Everywhere recently. They've been around for years, but they got a lot of attention for their recent stunt in Grand Central Station where they froze in place for five minutes, leaving those around them bewildered as to what was going on. This past Saturday they did a smaller scale but still amusing stunt at a New York Starbucks. They decided to take desktop computers into a Starbucks and use them just like anyone would go in and use their laptop. I love one of the girls putting the monitor on her lap like a laptop. My favorite part is how a couple customers just assumed they were computers for public use like any internet cafe - one girl standing by waiting for one of the guys to finish; another guy sitting down at the computer when one of the participants gets up to get more coffee. I also am pretty impressed with how cool the Starbucks workers are about it all, basically giving it a shrug. You can read more details and check out some photos and video here:
  • Improv Everywhere: "Mobile Desktop"
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