January 21, 2008

taliesin and tea

With some time to kill in Phoenix today before coming back to LA, I drove out to Scottsdale to check out Taliesin West. Taliesin West was Frank Lloyd Wright's Winter home and Architecture School in the desert from 1937 til 1959. It remains a school, but is also open for tours. I toured it a few years ago, but decided it was time to check it out again. As it would turn out, I needed about 20 more minutes than I had time for in order to do the tour and still be able to get back to the airport comfortably, so I ended up skipping the tour after all. Nonetheless, as you can see, its still quite the sight from the outside; though Frank Lloyd Wright's genius was often in some amazing features and innovations he would create inside his homes. So, with still a little more time left, I popped into a casino for some Texas Tea! After about half an hour, I was about 5 dollars ahead, so I cashed out and headed to the airport and made it back to the lights of LA.

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