January 4, 2008

just cuz

I have popped up to Miami for a couple days to see my cousins Cindy and Chris. We've mostly just hung out - which is perfect and exactly all I was hoping to do. Cindy has three dachshunds, along with a mutt that used to belong to my Grandparents. Her house is the small brown version of my parents weimeraner house. This afternoon, we drove to the neighborhood right next to the Orange Bowl where my Grandparents lived, and through the streets where my Parents and my Aunt and Uncle lived when they had first married. I have memories of my Grandparents street, but the others were before my time, yet still interesting to visit and see how the neighborhoods have changed. We drove through and had dinner at Miami Beach as well, my memories of it are even more vague, but I do remember all of us going there when I was a kid. I'm glad I got to stop in for a couple days.

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