January 23, 2008

icu uc-me

Friday at LAX, my cab pulled up next to this Volkswagen Bug with an odd looking pole on the roof. Anyone who has played with the "Street View" on Google Maps has probably wondered what the vehicle that takes the photos looks like. And you, like I, have probably shuffled through looking for people caught on camera doing - um - unexpected things. After getting back to LA, a google search of Immersive Media, the name on the side of the car, revealed that these weren't for Google Maps, but were for a similar service - of 360 degree video, not photos. (So somewhere out there, theres video of me pulling up next to the camera in a cab and snapping a couple pics). The site even has maps showing highlighted pink routes that they are shooting video of all over the country. Its kind of interesting the areas they choose to completely ignore within the city, while thoroughly doing every block of others. On the other hand, the place I spotted the bug and took these pics is not shown as part of the route on the map (at the red arrow next to West Way) - maybe they decided to add in some other streets - or maybe they were just taking a shortcut, thinking the boss would never know! They should know that someone is always watching!

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