January 19, 2008

home away

Well Friday I was back in the air again. Every January is the Phoenix Rodeo, which is one of my favorites. After going to so many rodeos for so many years, there are times when they can feel like a homecoming - running into so many old friends and familiar faces. This year, Phoenix feels that way. I met up with my friend Mark from Ohio and Ben from Denver for dinner at one of my favorite places in Phoenix - Texaz Grill. Its a great place on 16th Street that feels like a hole in the wall steak (and country fried steak) joint in Texas. And the chicken fried steak is huge. Another friend, Marc from San Francisco, is here too. I've known him for years from rodeo - we call him "Bunny" because he's like the Energizer one. A highlight from the night was Bunny taking over the dance floor for a one man show. He couldn't be stopped again today at the Rodeo Grounds - at some point someone got the bright idea of hoisting him up on his shoulders for what looked like a pseudo figure skating routine. Its hard to go too long without laughing. Another year, another rodeo. Its good to be "home"


langolier said...

Ah, good! The obligatory animal photo. Looks like a hard place to get seats.

Unknown said...

ha! yes, the animal photos are for you... the stands on the far side of the area are roped off, so seating is all on the same side im taking the pics from... come to one and you'll see!