January 1, 2008

happy new year

For those of you who don't already know, or didn't see it on CNN; Key West rings in the new year not by dropping a little crystal ball at Midnight, but by dropping a drag queen named "Sushi" in a giant red pump. The crowd seemed smaller and more subdued than last year, perhaps just because of sound system problems that left Sushi without a mic and those of us in the street without music for parts of the night (including just before Midnight), but its always fun anyway. I managed to get my annual pic with her after the crowd had subsided. We eventually ended up over at what has become our favorite bar in Key West, Bobby's Monkey Bar. Its a neighborhood local bar with a really awesome bartender, Elaine. One of the regulars brought his bugle for us to toot - a tradition he said he has continued for 37 years, and one we were honored to participate in (even if Myron did need an awful lot of coaching to get some noise out of the thing)! Hope your festivities were just as fun. Happy New Year!

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