January 24, 2008

good. design.

A few days ago I stumbled on a website for "The SoCal Fire Poster Project." Essentially its a project where designers and artists donate limited editions of posters (most designed for the project) to raise funds for the recent Southern California Wildfires. There are some great posters at prices that range from $35 to $450 by designers ranging from Modern Dog to Shepard Fairey. If you have some blank walls (I know you're out there - I've seen your house), you might want to consider a chance to do some good and get some good. The project was created by Josh Higgins, who participated in the Hurricane Poster Project for victims of Katrina (which I hadn't heard of, but is really impressive). If you're a designer, they also are accepting submissions, and it looks like the project is meant to grow - so bookmark it and come back to it if you don't see something you like. I wish I had found this one before Christmas.
  • The SoCal Fire Poster Project
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