January 16, 2008

chips ahoy

Tonight I took a break to grab some dinner with my buddy Dave. He said "lets go the place with the chips," so we headed over to the Richmond Bar and Grill in El Segundo. I've mentioned it before but never given it the full praise it deserves. This is one of those truly one of a kind local places tucked away on a quiet side street. They aren't open late, and every time I've been there they haven't been packed, but they seem to have a steady flow of customers. El Segundo is often called Mayberry by the Sea - because it is. Its a cute little town tucked away with a local flavor and friendliness. You'll find that at the Richmond Bar and Grill. But what you'll also find are the chips. They make their own homemade potato chips that are huge and fresh and unlike anything you've ever had. Sandwiches and Burgers are always reliably good. But really, its the chips that are special. I'm sure Andy and Barney would approve.

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