December 5, 2007

wave on wave

Every year we get a period in the Winter where the waves are just crazy here. Its kind of exciting maybe in the way a snowstorm is probably exciting to someone who lives in the North. I think this is another one of those 'you have to be there' posts, but hopefully it comes through in the pics. The waves are just outrageously huge, especially here in El Porto. They're breaking way out, and also coming way up the beach. Crowds are gathering in the street and on the beach to watch. And needless to say, the waves are loud. Its all pretty cool. In the afternoon fog rolled in for a while, creating this otherworldly glow with the sun. It didn't last long and soon the view of the waves was back. Its just the way we do winter at the beach, but you wouldn't get to see it if you weren't around for it. (By the way, the bottom picture above is not from today, its just for comparison to show "normal" waves and conditions; and remember you can click on any photo to see it full size.)

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