December 10, 2007

twilight zone

Speaking of films, I went to a screening tonight in Culver City for "In Twilight's Shadow," a new film by my friend Tina Scorzafava. I really had no idea what to expect, and I certainly never would have expected this. Tina and I used to work together at ABC when I first moved to LA. My favorite memory with her is one night when we were both working a night shift and there was a thunderstorm. It never thunders in LA. Tina grew up in North Carolina and we always shared a lot of similar memories of our southern roots. We both ran outside and were so excited to see lightning and hear thunder. I knew Tina always had an interest in filmmaking and directing, but when I got the invite to see her latest short film, I expected your typical good, but low budget raw art-type film. I was mistaken. Instead I found myself watching a high production value, edgy, high-style action/horror-ish film (probably not a correct description of the genre - essentially in whatever genre that something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer might fit in). And the short film is really a teaser, or a pitch piece, for a full length feature. So now the hunt is on for financing. Its pretty amazing to me when you see unexpected things like this come out of a friend of yours. You can find more info about the film here:
  • Liquid Filmworks: In Twilight's Shadow
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