December 9, 2007

saul to saul

While looking for some inspiration today for a project I'm working on, I was doing some research on the film titles of Saul Bass. I decided to search, of all places, on YouTube. I was amazed at the depth of his titles featured there - including several I had never seen. All of you have seen the work of Saul bass somewhere in your life. Two of his most notable logos are the old AT&T bell logo, as well as the old AT&T globe logo (the classic well-designed one, not the piece of crap 3D marble they use today), but Bass is most known for his film title work. Some of his better known titles include ones for Otto Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock. I love his titles for the original "Oceans 11". Somehow spending time on YouTube looking at work like this doesn't feel quite as guilty as watching talking kitties or dancing prisoners.
  • YouTube: Saul Bass Film Titles
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