December 29, 2007

like no other

Our day in Key West was pretty uneventful. In fact, if anything, it was hard to not feel guilty about letting the day slip by without doing anything of consequence, but I tried to remind myself that that's exactly the point of being here. We did walk down to Sandy's for Cuban Sandwiches and plantains. Sandy's has a reputation for having one of the best Cuban Sandwiches on the island, (I think Jose's Cantina is equally as good), but I do have to make mention of the plantains - they are easily far and away the best I have ever had anywhere. They alone are worth making the stop at Sandy's if you're ever in Key West. Other than that, for now I'll just share a few other 'like no other' sights that amused me: from the painted fire hydrants the ad for Ocean Walk Apartments that seems to be proud of the fact that they are the only "corporate owned apartments" on the island - as if thats a good thing??! (and typeset in Souvenir or Cooper Bold, no less) the best political slogan ever on a bumper sticker ("he's such a hottie")...Every time you turn around there's something else to chuckle about. Key West is truly a world unto itself.

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