December 20, 2007


So after an exhausting week on a great project, I made it home to Virginia for Christmas. Any of you who have followed the blog the last couple years around Christmas have "met" Mom and Dad's dogs Phantom and Edn. Edn loves to push the boundaries by climbing on the sofa in order to climb on top of you. Those of you who know Phantom and Edn may have also seen the annual Christmas Cards that Mom and Dad send. Mom send the photo cards, and Dad does a more elaborate online version. Tonight, I got to be a part of the joy of the photo "shoot". Phantom is Edn's mother - older, wiser, calmer. When it came to putting the candy cane hats on, Phantom wasn't bothered in the least. Edn, on the other hand, was having none of it. Eventually, Dad ended up with his shots. When the online card is done, I'll post a link. For now, you can see previous cards and other Phantom and Ed posts from the link below.
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    Casey Jordan said...

    Adorable. Oh the pain of getting two dogs together for a picture.... Have a wonderful Christmas!