December 24, 2007

berry christmas

Every year Mom and Dad make a Christmas card with their dogs Phantom and Edn in a different situation (a Christmas edition of a layman's William Wegman, perhaps). A couple days ago I posted pics from the photo shoot, which I got participate in/witness for the first time. Dad always makes a multipage online version. He emailed links to his the other day, but didn't announce the card on his blog til today. I threatened to post it sooner on my blog, but he said if I did, he would tell everyone that I was responsible for the typography on the card. I tried to convince him of the joy and beauty in the simplicity of Helvetica; he maintains that he prefers Apple Chancery and Chalkboard (a bad version - as if there is a good version - of Comic Sans). I guess I know where my design genes didn't come from! Regardless, I can now release the link to this years card. Enjoy.
  • 2007 Edition Berry Christmas Card
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