December 25, 2007

berry christmas, part ii

Some shots from Christmas and Christmas Eve... Our neighborhood lines the street with luminaries on Christmas Eve. Its a common Virginia tradition, but a new one for our street that was started a couple years ago by a neighbor who lives on our block. We usually don't get to see them lit because we spend Christmas Eve with my sister Jayne's family about an hour south down the Shenandoah Valley. They have a new pool table - apparently my nephew Sumner is a pool shark in the making. Back at our house - Between my Dad, me, and my niece Marlena, a glowing apple on a lap is a common sight around the house, much to my Mother's dismay. Christmas morning didn't come as early as it felt - I still haven't gotten off of my California time schedule. Even the dogs were tuckered out. Hope you had a great Christmas, too.

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