November 23, 2007

warm grits

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a website called Polar Inertia. I actually don't know what exactly the site is or how it should be read or used, but to me it seems to be an artspace of photo essays. Thats good enough for me, but I always feel like theres some aspect to the site that I'm missing. Regardless, one of the essays in the current issue is of LA's Toy District downtown, by James Bucknam. The photography is raw and beautiful, and expertly captures LA's downtown. Its our version of grit. In LA, where everything is horizontal and spaces are open and the light is warm, even our gritty and downtrodden areas maintain those qualities. I love how poignantly that is captured, whether intentional or not.
  • Polar Inertia: The Toy District
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