November 29, 2007

sleeping monster

I went with my friend Dave to the SC Basketball game tonight (more on that tomorrow). On the way home we suddenly came across a monstrous airliner that was parked at the Flight Path Learning Center by the airport. We pulled off to take a look, but it was hard to see much. I went to see the first landing of the A380 at LAX last March and it was pretty amazing - most impressively in how quiet it is. I only found out today that the A380 was making a return visit to LA. Qantas brought the plane - this time with their interior completed and fully crewed - to give local business and government dignitaries a short flight (and help encourage them to expand the facilities at LAX), but it turns out that a California law classifies the ride as a gift, so they were unable to take the flight. (Others gladly filled the seats.) It leaves LAX Friday morning at 8am. I doubt I'll make it out for that one, but I was excited to get a second glimpse at this monster. I really wish I could explain or even get across in pictures just how huge this thing is. Its just plane huge.
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