November 25, 2007

meow mix

Yeah, everyone has seen the two talking cats YouTube video thats been going around. After seeing it on so many of the most popular video lists I figured I'd finally click on it. Cute. But then I found the translation. Not just funny, but really well done. (Who needs Hollywood writers?) And even better is the second translation video I found. Yup, made me laugh - out loud. Hopefully it will for you, too. (Be warned, the third video is not work-safe language.) But beyond the chuckle, what I also love is how this is a perfect example of the interactive world we live in and how one good thing can create a chain in an unplanned non-commercial way. Marketers are constantly coming up with ways to tap into the viral video thing - and smartly so. But so often their atempts lead to disastrous results (like the make-your-own Chevy SUV commercial that spawned a flood of commercials about their gas mileage and their contribution to climate change and oil dependence; or the Dove soap campaign about the negative beauty images children are exposed to that led to mashups featuring those negative messages from the very same company - which happens to make Axe). The real unintended viral videos always the best ones. I love that. (Until next week when we find out this was planted by a cat food company).

Here are the three videos - watch em in order:
  • YouTube: Two Talking Cats

  • YouTube: Cat Talking: Translation

  • YouTube: Cats Yelling at Each Other
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