November 27, 2007


I always go back and forth about getting a Christmas tree for the house. I go back home to my folks over Christmas break, and now that I work for myself, I am able to be away from here even longer. But having a tree isn't just about having it on Christmas Day, its about having it for the season. Plus I have tons of cool homemade ornaments from over the years, especially ones from my Aunt Susan that she still sends every year. So to make it worth the trouble, I have to get it soon after Thanksgiving. I went by the lot on Saturday, but not much was out yet. I went by again on Monday, and there still wasn't much out. But I knew if I didn't get one then, I'd put it off til it was too late, so I found the best one I could. It ain't perfect, but I like that. It may not rival the traditional Berry Bush, but it'll work. The lights went on tonight. Tomorrow, the rest.
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