October 5, 2007


More wandering around Amsterdam yesterday. The sun broke through for a little while which made things even more charming. I sampled a little more automat food (cheese souffle anyone?) and wandered to the Anne Frank House. It was pretty impressive, not to mention very sad. As Americans with our limited knowledge of World history (and thus our current repetition of it), its easy to forget that things like that happened all across Europe, not just in Germany. The similarities to the current arguments in the US are striking, but its also interesting to note that the same issues are raging in other countries as well. Germany, France, And Holland are all struggling with them. Its particularly interesting situation in France where those being deported are blonde and blue-eyed. And, in response to comments from yesterdays post, heres a bit of the haircut. Its really not all that different to my normal cut, just that the line between long and short is a couple inches higher. Maybe it will become my new normal. For now, off to enjoy my last day in Amsterdam.

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Anonymous said...

Like the "Modified Mohawk", Glad to see that you are having a good time on your trip, Reading your adventures makes me want to go experience myself!!