October 29, 2007

lucky sox

After the Rockies loss on Saturday, I expected tickets to be easier to find on Sunday. I was wrong. I made it down to the area around the field an hour earlier this time, wandering the spots that seemed to be the best to find scalpers based on Saturday. Again, no one had anything. And again, a community became established among those of us looking for tickets to tip each other off to what they had seen. I did find a few, but prices were ridiculously high. This time I had phone numbers of a couple ticket brokers, but they didn't have much to choose from either. The game was starting soon, and I was getting nervous. We could hear the national anthem and the flyover which came about a minute too early (better than a couple minutes too late like the day before I guess!). I wasn't giving up. Eventually I found one guy on his way in who had a few extras he had bought. He was bargaining with one group when a couple came up and asked him how much for one of the pairs - he gave a much higher price in order to help the group that he was already talking to, but the couple said fine and took em. He still had a couple singles left including the one for himself. I couldn't justify the price he wanted, even though it was reasonable given what else was out there. I kept wandering. Eventually, I ran into him again. He had sold one single for less, and was willing to sell his, hoping he'd get a chance to go on Monday. As I debated with myself, he came down to where I was hoping for. Another quick gutcheck at the turnstile, and I was in. My seat was in the club level, which was a different experience. The weather was perfect for baseball. And the game, well, it was close enough to stay nervous, especially toward the end, but the Sox pulled it out in the end. The only thing missing was 'Sweet Caroline,' but you could still hear a few "bah bah baaah"s throughout the crowd. Afterward, all the Red Sox fans moved down to the lower level seats around the dugout and home plate, and by the time I was down in the middle of them, I looked around and easily 3/4 of the Field Level was full of Sox fans in a sea of red and blue. That was pretty amazing. Unfortunately the Rockies didn't play the tv feed of the celebration over their jumbotron, so it was a little anticlimactic for the Sox fans. I do have to say, The Rockies fans throughout the series and the city were unusually gracious. During the games, with only a few exceptions, most rooting and calling was for their team, not negatively against the other team. And likewise, the Sox fans also were positive and respectful of being in the other teams home and weren't ugly about winning or rubbing it in Rockies fans faces. Thats becoming pretty rare at a lot of sporting events I go to, and was nice to see. So while this years World Series was tougher than others I've been to, and many times while wandering around I wondered if I could keep doing this for future years, it all ended well. My luck held out.

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