October 28, 2007

golden ticket?

Well true to form, yesterday was an adventure. Based on what I saw online, I was pretty confident that like most Series, there would be a lot of tickets available on the street from scalpers, it would just be a matter of finding the right location at the right price. But I had zero doubts that I would be able to find that. Once I got there, the area around the ballpark was filled with people; and while I saw a lot of people looking for tickets, it was hard to find anyone selling. I walked around holding my sign or holding up my finger, moving to different areas and further out from the park (maybe they were just avoiding the crowds and the cops?), but it still was hard to find anyone. There were tons of people looking to buy. We all started talking to each other as we'd see the same faces in different places. "Have you seen anyone selling?" "No, I can't even find anyone!" "I saw one guy but he only had one pair behind home plate". My confidence was dwindling. The game was starting. People were giving up and going in the bars or walking home. I kept wandering. I kept looking at the outside of the ballpark and was becoming resigned to the fact that that would be my view for the game. By now I was checking sites online with my phone as well. Eventually I saw a post and called it; at the same time a guy asked me if I was selling and I told him I was looking for one. He said he had seen a guy a block away that had one. I rushed down there. It turns out that it was the same guy that I had called, and he did have one, upper level, first row. Ugh. Upper Level. I'm a seat snob when it comes to these things, but it was that or nothing, we were in the bottom of the first. I talked him down in price and finally grabbed it. Theres always that momentary gutcheck when they scan your ticket, but 'ding', I was in. It wasn't that bad of a seat, and I was there. Freezing, but i was there. I got in just in time to see the Sox score 6 and take the lead for the game. It got tight there in the middle of the game, but they were able to tale charge again and hold out til the end. Maybe my luck was still with me after all.

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