October 22, 2007


Yeah, in case you missed the 'sky is falling' news coverage, LA and a lot of SoCal are on fire. It actually is kind of interesting. We were talking on Saturday about the Santa Ana winds coming soon. Then while walking the dogs Saturday night, you could literally feel them arrive. Winds suddenly whipped up and the temperature felt like it rose about 10 degrees. And like clockwork, the next day, there were fires. Nowhere near me is burning, but this time I can see some of the fires from my front porch. Malibu is across the bay from me, and thats where these hard to see smoke plumes are coming from. As usual, when there are fires like these, the one good thing they bring are some pretty amazing sunsets. Its almost like they're Nature's apology. Night also changes the view, with small flickers of orange dotting the mountains where the fires are. As nice as they may be, lets hope these sunsets don't last.

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