October 9, 2007


Monday was what may be a typical gray day in London. The sky looked like it would open up at any minute, but it never did. I was able to meet up with my friend Andrew who had actually just gotten back that morning from three weeks of touring the Western US. He took me on a walk through town that allowed me to see most of the "sights" while adding his typical British commentary to it all. Theres something about Londoners (or maybe British) that seems to be endlessly negative, yet i think they don't mean it that way, or maybe even know it sounds that way. Later that night in the pub, I had several conversations where I managed to be repeatedly insulted over and over, yet they would continue to talk and ask questions with true interest - as though they had no idea they had just insulted you or intended to. I have to say it baffles me, and just assume it must just be a local manner that I'm not used to. Who knows. Regardless, I love London. Its fascinating and endlessly busy and dense, which in turn is endlessly exciting and exhausting. I admit I'm looking forward to hearing the waves of the Pacific again soon when I lay in bed.

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