October 3, 2007

breathing room

Not a lot to report in the last day, which is not a bad thing. I trained to Amsterdam and arrived in the evening. My hotel is great with a very comfortable room right on the canal. I decided to just let myself relax last night and sleep late today to catch up after the last few days wandering Paris, plus its also been a good chance to catch up on some work. I'll venture out in a little while to wander Amsterdam some. Last night I did go out and enjoyed some "Deer and Beer stew" (I don't know if thats really what was in it, but it was something I'd never heard of, so I went for it) and a couple stops in local bars, in which I quickly was reminded of my last trip in Amsterdam: Walk into a place at Midnight and you'll find it empty as the bartender says "well, you're here awfully early, but it will get busy later." And sure enough, he was right. Its been a good break to catch my breath as I begin my last week away.

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