October 19, 2007

the boyz

Meet Cosmo and Clyde. They live next door, but I'm dogsitting em for the weekend. Clyde had a minor surgery on Wednesday to take a little thing off his eyelid and nose, so he's stuck wearing a cone most of the time. I try letting him out of it every now and then, but its not long before he tries to rub his face on something, so the cone goes back on. He's strangely agreeable with it - he'll even position his head to let you slip it on easily. Cosmo doesn't like to be much more than five feet from you, so he's a lovable handful in his own way. This morning when I took them out for their walk, Brando, an incredibly friendly neighborhood cat, had come up on my porch and decided to make a bed out of one my plants. The dogs, who are often teased over the wall by Brando when in their normal home, didn't even notice him laying there. Brando, meanwhile, looked like he was going to jump out of his skin, but was trapped in the corner with nowhere to go. Even funnier, when we came back from the walk, Brando was still laying there. Once again, both dogs didn't even notice him! It was just too much for the cat to take though, so he made a quick exit as soon as the dogs were in the door.

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Casey Jordan said...

:) You make a great doggy daddy.