October 1, 2007


Sunday was a perfect day in my wandering tourist way. I decided to set off for Montmartre and the Sacre Couer. I was pleased to discover that Montmartre had a much different feel - it still retains an edge of the bohemian artists neighborhood feel and also has a much more diverse racial makeup. I wandered through the neighborhood, somehow finding my way and discovered the grounds of Sacre Couer to be almost like a big festival. No sooner did I get there than I was accosted by one of the many peddlars who was almost immediately weaving a string bracelet on my wrist. His spirit was infectious and I was charmed as he explained how he had come from Senegal and asked questions about California. I knew I was being had, but he was so joyful that I didn't mind. It put a good mood on my day and the bracelet is now my favorite reminder that I'm happy to have given four euros for. The architecture as well as the interior of the Sacre Couer had a much bigger impression on me than I expected. And the site on top of a hill overlooking all of Paris was amazing. I wandered into the adjoining neighborhoods, which granted, are surely a tourist trap, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. I stopped in a cafe for a Croque Madame and watched the crowds wander by. I made my way through more of the neighborhood, finding the Moulin de la Gallette, which was much more exciting than finding the Moulin Rouge, which as I expected, was less than impressive; but thanks to Baz Luhrman, I had to at least walk by. I continued on down to the Opera and eventually to the Tuileries before winding my way back to Les Halles and the Marais, where I discovered a new bar (le Wolf!) and made some new friends. I ended my night with a return to the crepe shop by the Pompidou Center. I felt triumphant with my panini baguette after the end of a very full and long day on foot.


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I think you missed it -



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Im sure I wouldn't have understood it anyway! Even in English...