September 4, 2007


One of the things I love about LAX Airport is finding pieces of the airport that still exist from what was clearly another era. The airport is made of 8 different terminals, and today there are great variations between them. Most terminals are primarily one airline, such as terminal 4 containing all American Airlines, terminal 5 housing Delta, and 7 hosting United. I don't know what arrangement dictates who owns or runs the terminal buildings, but recent renovations to those terminals seem to be controlled by the specific airlines - creating terminals that no longer have any relation architecturally to each other. Other terminals, like 3 and 6, are mishmashes of multiple airlines within a single terminal. Those terminals lack the complete renovation of others, but they also have gems of leftover days. Terminal 6 houses two shiny new gates for Virgin America along with a few gates for Delta, United, and other airlines. Yet the center rotunda of that terminal also houses four simple ceramic water fountains, framed in hexagonal shapes of turqouise tile framed by large wood panels and a single row of large globe lights. The shapes and colors are bold, yet easily unnoticed; current, yet clearly dated. I don't know if they are original, but I hope they remain.

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langolier said...

Ha! Until I read your blog I thought you'd tried to photograph a solar eclipse!