September 3, 2007

summer's end

Another holiday, another festival at the beach. Today I joined my friend Pat to wander around Fiesta Hermosa - a big festival on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends that fills the Pier and surrounding areas in Hermosa Beach. Its pretty much an arts and crap festival with nothing redeeming about it, except that any festival is better than no festival. The vendors are all truly the tackiest and cheesiest crap - er, "art" (bad enough that the city removed the word "arts" from the festival name), the food vendors are nothing better than typical sausages and fair food, and the beer garden in a small cramped area with mediocre beer. Despite all that, its actually a fun time. Did I mention that any festival is better than no festival? That's really the only explanation I can come up with. Pat and I wandered the festival and stopped into the Poopdeck, the Yacht Club, Fenner's, and finally ended up at or favorite, Naja's in Redondo, where our friend George joined us. It was a fun day in the sun, and the cool breezes on the bike ride home in the evening paid testament to the fact that summer is over. Sure, our weather will still stay in the in 70's for several more months, but you have to live in SoCal to understand the different feeling between the summer and the fall.

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