September 21, 2007

perfect day - bavarian style

Today would rank up with one of those perfect days biking the beach with friends and stopping in our favorite bars on a sunny day. I met up with my friend Richard today (I met Richard when I was here in 06 - he is originally from South Carolina and easily spotted me as the out of place American). We met up in Marienplatz and walked up to a biergarten at the Chinese Tower in the English Garden. I sampled some Leberkas (literally translated as "livercheese", but more correctly translated as "bavarian meatloaf" and potatoes and of course, bier. Afterward we walked by the spot where surfers surf a rushing permanent wave that was unintentionally created by the way the channel was constructed. The town is full of people here for Oktoberfest and the friendliness is infectious, of course, the perfect indian summer day didn't hurt things either.

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