September 22, 2007


Last night, without wanting to sit down for a long dinner by myself and not all that hungry after my meal in the biergarten at the English Garden, I decided to walk up a couple block to the market near Marienplatz I had walked through earlier. The biergartens there were still going even at night, so it was an easy place to grab a small plate of a couple brats and kraut with some weissbier. After eating, I wandered around a little and noticed something hanging from the construction crane over me. I realized it was people in some sort of winged contraption. I headed toward the base of the crane, and sure enough, it was a ride. Hand over your euros and you too could be pulled to the top and hang from the construction crane as it circled you over Munich. Yikes. I wasn't ready for that one, so I just treated myself to a struedel and wandered the neighborhood for a bit.

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