September 25, 2007

ich ache. ick!

I suppose I had it coming to me. I woke up Monday feeling like dog poop. And it wasn't from the beer at Oktoberfest (maybe it could have been, but I doubt it). I had the achy shakys, cough, throat and sweats most the day, so figured I had come down with some kind of flu or cold. I actually had a bunch of work to do, so I spent most of the day in bed doing that. I missed meeting up with Richard and his friends and the biergarten in the afternoon, but they were down in my neighborhood later, so I walked around some with them as they caught the last of the nice weather. They weren't wrong either. Tuesday brought cold and rain, which made it easier to leave Munich, but didn't add to the joy of schlepping my bags to the train station. (Yes, I overpacked.) I must have been a sight because this bug had me sweating profusely. At least the train was few hours of rest while watching the scenery of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I made it to Luzern, found my hotel, and found an apothecary right before they closed. I came back, took my medicine, and zonked out. I woke up too late for dinner, but decided to go wander a little just in case I could find something open, plus I needed to find a bank to get some Swiss Francs, and I figured the added bonus would be getting to see a little of the town, though not exactly under ideal conditions. Luzern reminds me in some ways of Venice (Italy) - the aged buildings are still preserved and centered around the water, but instead of feeling like Disneyland as Venice does, Luzern has modern typical stores and businesses hidden inside these buildings, and the streets are alive with people working and living their daily lives. Of course, wandering at night gives yet another perspective as most everything is closed and quiet. Hopefully I'll get to wander a little more in the morning, but this is the first of three nights in different places, so its back to the train as well. Hopefully without the bug!

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Anonymous said...

Yuk! Hope you're feeling better so you can enjoy the rest of your trip!!