September 13, 2007

fab pre-fab

Paula Scher is one of my favorite designers. She paints with typography, a skill and talent seemingly more and more rare in designers - especially those in motion graphic design. She also knows restraint and how to communicate a lot with very little. I can't say enough good things for that, and certainly something I aspire to. Now, Paula Scher has joined with hp to offer pre-fab templates anyone can use to create their own business identity system. The notion of pre-fab design send shivers down any designers spine, but in her templates, she has forced restraint on the user, resulting in very simple but beautiful templates for stationery, business cards, labels, etc. It could be argued that these aren't as valuable because they aren't designed to communicate the business or name being used (and as the primary function of design, that's a valid argument), but as pre-fab design goes (ugh, I just shivered), this is nicely done. And hey, you can always say your identity was designed by Paula Scher! Also linked below is a great video profile of Paula Scher and her work by hillmancurtis. Chances are, you know her work, you just didn't know it. enjoy.

  • Paula's Template Collections

  • AdobeStudio feature: Paula Scher by hillmancurtis
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