September 1, 2007


Friday night my friend George called to see if I wanted to grab some dinner, so we walked down to one my favorite places down the street, Bora Bora. The restaurant is easy to overlook, it doesn't have any lighting or exterior features to make it noticeable, and the sign is just a small dimly lit sign at the door. I only recently went for the first time with my friend Dave after discovering it specialized in steak and ribs, not what I expected from its name. What I also didn't expect was their selection of beers from all over the world. I enjoy how, unlike most places in the US, they serve their beer in the properly shaped and marked glass from each individual brewery. Its a nice touch that reminds me of Europe. My favorite beer at Bora Bora was another surprise - Hitachino - a white beer from Japan (who knew?!). The label just adds to my affection for it. While the ribs are great, as are the steaks, I think they are outshined by the side dishes - especially the macaroni and cheese. It comes in a big skillet and is unlike any I've ever had - George dubbed it "crackaroni." It alone is worth the trip. The place doesn't have AC, (or moreso for here, seems to not have a good cross breeze) so it can sometimes get a little stuffy, but the blowfish lamps, friendly owner, and amazing food make it easy to overlook. If you find yourself in Manhattan Beach, definitely plan a meal at Bora Bora - even if just for the crackaroni!

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